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NUCCA Upper Cervical Work in West Kelowna and Kamloops

Upper Cervical adjustmentMost people are familiar with traditional full-spine chiropractic care, which evaluates all the vertebrae of the spine for misalignments or improper movement and then corrects those issues with chiropractic adjustments.

Less well-known is Upper Cervical work. This technique focuses exclusively on the Atlas (also called C1), which is the top vertebra in the neck, and its relationship to the skull. By restoring proper alignment to this bone, the rest of the spine can often “reset” itself into its optimal aligned position.

What to Expect

The Chiro Doc team is trained and experienced in this method and will recommend it if your situation warrants it. If he believes NUCCA can help you, he’ll measure your posture to assess the degree of lean or tilt in your body. We’ll take a specific set of X-rays that we will use to determine the precise angle of adjustments needed. Then, we will make those adjustments using very targeted movements.

How It Helps

When your spine isn’t properly aligned, it creates strain on your body because you’ll be leaning rather than standing straight and fully upright. When we correct the position of the Atlas, the rest of the spine will typically “reset” into its optimal alignment.

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When the weight of your body is evenly distributed and supported by a properly aligned skeleton, it removes the compression, tension and load that send signals to your brain that result in the sensation of pain or the inability to move freely.

Comfortable Care

Some people are nervous when it comes to adjusting the neck. We explain the process thoroughly and go over your X-rays with you so you can see exactly where your Atlas is and where it should be.

We’re proud to use non-invasive, low-force adjusting techniques to gently move the Atlas in the exact direction required to restore optimal alignment.

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