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ArthroStim® in West Kelowna and Kamloops

Chiropractic care is based on restoring proper alignment and motion to the bones of the spine. Although many people associate chiropractic with the traditional hands-on methods of adjusting, there are many different methods of accomplishing the same goals.

Rather than using their hands, a chiropractor may use specialized instruments to move the bones in the appropriate direction. One such device is the ArthroStim®, which we offer at The Chiro Doc.

What Is It?

ArthroStim is an instrument that sends a percussive vibration into the spine to free up the motion of that segment of the spine. An adjustment begins with placing the instrument in the proper orientation to create the direction of movement needed to restore alignment and motion to any vertebrae that are not moving as they should.

This technique is lower force than hands-on adjustments and can be maneuvered to achieve the precise angle needed to achieve the desired adjustment.

Who Is It For?

Although this method uses less force than manual adjustments, it still creates the same movement in the spine. As a result, it can be a beneficial technique for patients of all ages. Because of its gentle nature, it’s often a more appropriate adjusting method for older patients.

As with all of our care, we’ll ask your permission before beginning. We’re happy to demonstrate the ArthroStim adjustment so you know exactly what to expect.

Comprehensive Care

Our approach is to provide a well-rounded approach to care to help you achieve your unique goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Based on a thorough examination, we will offer a recommended care plan designed specifically for you, utilizing a variety of adjusting techniques and soft tissue work as needed. In addition to full-spine adjusting, we may also recommend upper cervical adjustments. The ArthroStim is ideal for making these highly precise, targeted adjustments in the neck.

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